Monday, June 27, 2016

Brexit Soccer Style

Iceland Flag
I became a closeted soccer fan this past year when I started to watch the Premier Soccer League out of the United Kingdom.  I watched when Leicester City won the title, even though they only had really 2 or 3 star players and they were going up against major teams like Manchester City and United, Arsenal and others with paid their players millions more that Leicester City.
Now today, a bigger upset happened when the Iceland National team defeated England 2-1 in the European soccer championships to reach the quarterfinals of their tournament.
England had all the stars from the Premier League while Iceland had only 2 players that in the league.
One of their coachers is a part time coach and is also a dentist in his real life job.
The goal keeper is a part time player and part time film director in Iceland.
Iceland has a population of 332,000. England has a population of 53,000,000.
There are more soccer players in Rhode Island than Iceland.
The soccer commentators said this was the greatest upset in soccer history but I am not sure it is the biggest but it hast to be up there, but it is a David vs Goliath scenario.

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