Sunday, June 12, 2016

If You Donate To NPR After Today, You Are A Worthless Human Being

Today, I was listening to NPR's Weekend Edition and this evening the BBC News.
And this piece of crap "news organization " decided that today they going to rip on Donald Trump.
Weekend Edition in the 3 to 4:00 hour had at least 2 segments, if not more, they ripped on Trump. The first time was just an ordinary, standard hit job.
The 2nd segment to blame Trump for the terrorist attack.
The BBC attacked and his temperment and said his volatile temperment by saying the attack was done by a muslim extremist was over the top, even though it is very clear that a muslim extremist carried out the terrorist attack.  And it is the weak kneed liberals who are laying low and showing the world how weak American liberals are.
It's 1 thing to rip on Trump because are what scaredy cats do, it's another totally different to do so before the bodies are even removed from Pure or next of kin are notified.
Without a doubt, all government funding should cease immediately to NPR.
And if you donate to NPR and continue to do so, you are just a worthless human being not worthy of enjoying life in any which way.

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