Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Personal: Why I Haven't Been Writing Lately

I haven't done a lot of posts lately and there several reasons for it.
In early March, I got arrested for DUI.  I was working on a 19 hour day, driving home and almost home when I apparently swerved into another lane on I-40.  A State trooper pulled me over gave me some field tests, which I passed some, especially the cognitive ones but failed the physical ones, like walking a straight line.  However, being a long day, having numb feet, driving for an hour and a bad back, I wasn't going to pass the tests any time, under any condition.  But because I use Oxycodone, he busted me for DUI and spent a few hours in jail. 
Not a big deal to be in jail for me because when I was working to get through college, I worked at Mendota Mental Institute in Wisconsin, an institution for the mentally ill, especially the criminally insane.  I worked on the unit that housed the worst of the worst criminally insane and worked in a prison setting, including jail cells, so the hours spent in the Mohave County jail wasn't that big deal.
When I got checked into the jail, the jail nurse took my blood pressure and sensed something was very wrong right away and she got an EKG for me and did a several other tests.  She immediately called the doctor on call and got me on some high blood pressure medicine and another med.
I plead not guilty and intend to fight all the way to trial and I am acting as my own attorney.
Then 2 days later, I got sick at work and ended up going to the emergency room, where I was diagnosed with a possible ATI (mini stroke), my kidneys were shutting down and my blood pressure was dangerously high.  I spent about 4 days in the hospital and finally got my blood pressure under control. 
This is what caused me to get the DUI.   I am not mad at the trooper because he probably saved my life because it forced me to get treatment.
So, I was in a bit of depression for all of this.
Then about a month ago, I was attacked by a student at the school I taught at, a big student, got hit several times and AI had to take him down to prevent him from hurting me and others in the classroom. 
Because of this, I injured my knee and my shoulder.  My knee is now ok but my shoulder still hurts and it is hard to do certain things, like driving and typing.
I also missed about 3 weeks of work and my shoulder is still not healed.
More depression.
Then my wife was in the hospital because of a diabetic ulcer and now she is in a cast to help the healing and it is healing.
So, because of all of this, with a bit of depression, I just haven't posted like I used to.

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