Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Info On muslim Terrorist Attack In Florida

Gathered from watching the news.
Bernie Sanders blamed the gun.
Hillary was upset at the shooting.
Donald Trump called this a muslim terrorist attack and condemned the radical muslims.
White house still has not called this a muslim terrorist attack.
Finally, the HIPPA law regarding medical secrecy, even to family, has been hindering the hospitals and the mayor or governor called the White House asking for a temporary waiver of the HIPPA law for this 1 specific case.
The White House responded, not saying "yep, go ahead".  No, they said they had to go through channels and bureaucracy to get the waiver.
Obama can make laws in a matter of seconds using executive powers.  Why can't he just give the order?
The muslim terrorist called 911 and claimed allegiance with isis.
The death toll is expected to rise.
The muslim terrorist had been connected to a terrorist group.
In Santa Monica CA, a man ws arrested going to a gay pride parade in West Hollywood and he was carrying several assault rifles.

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