Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Such Wonderful Customer Service At The Social Security Office In Las Vegas

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My daughter, who graduated from high school last month, went to Las Vegas to get her Social Security card and was treated quite horribly.
To start with, yesterday, we called the Social Security office to find out where the closest Social Security (SS) off to get the SS card.
We were told that we would have to go to the SS office in Phoenix, about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive or we can get permission from the Arizona SS office to go to the Las Vegas SS office, which is about a 90 minute drive.
We were told that we could go the Vegas SS office and we would need a photo ID, like a school ID, a birth certificate or anything else that prove to the SS personnel who my daughter is.
So, my daughter, who was brought to the SS office in Vegas by my wife (I should add that my ex-wife has my daughter's SS card and her birth certificate and refused to turn them over because she lost it,) and there was a moderate line there.  My daughter brought her school ID and birth certificate, just what the Arizona said to bring.
After waiting for about an hour, she was called to the window to get her card but the worker at the SS window said that she was not going to give my daughter her SS card.  My wife tried to answer the questions the SS worker put to my daughter but could not answer.  For helping my daughter, my wife was rewarded by being kicked out of the SS office.
On top of this, there was a black woman who yelling at white people outside by calling them white ho's who were on their cell phone, which my was on.  The fools at the SS office didn't do anything to this racist ho.
It would be 1 thing if this was a 1 time occurrence but sadly, it's not. 
My wife and myself went to the same office to get my wife a new social security card when we got home.  The male office worker started to harass my wife by asking some intrusive questions.  In defense of my wife, I asked some questions to the clerk, using his owns against him when he refused to grant my wife a SS card.  He then told my he felt threatened by me and that he was going to call the police and have me arrested.  When he said that, I demanded to see his supervisor.  Not only did the clerk get the supervisor, he also brought along a uniformed, armed security officer.  The supervisor saw what was going on, dismisses\d the officer and ordered the clerk to hand over the paperwork to him and the supervisor processed my wife's paperwork and got us a new card, which we got in the mail in about 2 weeks later.
So, it seems like there a huge problem with customer service at the SS office in Las Vegas, on South Buffalo Ave.
And perhaps, some of the politicians will look into what is going on there.

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  1. It is called the Social security service system for a reason just like farmers hire/lease bulls for their herd of cows and it would service the farmers cows. The system and or gubmit specializes in American service. Makes much better sense now huh?