Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Obama Is A POS President

President Obama and his ilk of supporters are just POS.
From Michelle Malkin: Planned Parenthood has already said they’ll spend about $20 million this year to help elect Hillary and other fellow pro-abortion travelers, and apparently the Dems don’t think that’s enough:
Senate Democrats blocked a spending bill that includes $1.1 billion to combat the Zika virus—saying the measure unreasonably excludes Planned Parenthood Federation of America from money for a public health crisis that impacts pregnant women.
The Senate voted 52-48 to advance the measure, but 60 votes were needed to clear a procedural hurdle. Lawmakers have been wrangling over the Zika funding–how much and how to pay for it–since President Barack Obama in February asked Congress for $1.9 billion to combat the virus.
Democrats say that by excluding Planned Parenthood from funding and adding other provisions they oppose, Republicans could delay the funding well into the mosquito season and leave only a small window to act before Congress leaves Washington in mid-July for the political parties’ conventions and lawmakers’ August recess. 
Since it’s such an emergency maybe the Dems should just pass the bill as-is and tell Planned Parenthood to scrap their $20 million election push and instead use that money where it’s needed to address this public health crisis (pause for laughter).
I happen to agree that the Zika Virus is a serious problem.  I work with older kids/adults who have severe cognitive and physical disabilities, so I have some knowledge and expertise of what is going on.
The Zika Virus is a terrible disease and it is a costly disease.  The cost of a Zika Virus victim, from birth to death, will require millions of dollars in care for the child/adult and the child/adult will need full time medical care from cradle to grave.
To give you an example of how Zika affects a child and eventually an adult, here are the symptons:
The victim will suffer from:
1. The child will not be able to walk.
2. The child will mental age won't go above a 3 year old.
3. The child will have to wear diapers for their entire life due to the fact they will never be potty trained.
4. The child will never be able to eat regular food.  They will either mush for food or be tubed fed.
5.  The child will be in self contained classrooms in school until their age of 21-22, depending on the school district.
6.  The child/adult will never get married, have a baby, go to college but will attend sheltered workshops for their entire life.
7. The family will have to hire help to care for their child for the entirety of their life.
And the list goes on.
But it appears that the Obama administration has decided to play politics by giving money to Planned Parenthood for no reason, whatsoever.
Yes, we need to fund a cure for the Zika Virus, yes, we need to find a vaccine for Zika and we also need to fund the care and treatment of the infants, toddlers, kids and adults who are victims of Zika.
But for once, can the Obama administration just stop playing politics with potential victims of Zika.  You would think so, but all Obama and his ilk is want to play politics, no matter the cause.
Planned Parenthood should not be involved in any way with Zika money but because they are a good liberal organization that supports Obama and Hillary.

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