Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Say No To Puerto Rico Bailout

It's time to let Puerto Rico gain it's independence from the United States instead of being bailed out.
From Fox News: The Senate approved a financial rescue package for Puerto Rico Wednesday, sending the measure to President Obama's desk two days before the island was to default on a $2 billion debt payment.
The White House and Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress had warned that without help from Washington, Puerto Rico would descend into economic chaos and a possible humanitarian crisis.
Puerto Rico is in a decade-long recession and has $70 billion in debt. Thousands have fled the island and moved to the U.S. mainland as businesses have closed, schools have struggled with limited electricity and hospitals have asked for cash payment in advance for some medication.
In a rare feat of election-year unity, all four Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress supported the bill, which would create a control board to oversee the U.S. territory's finances and supervise some debt restructuring.
We should let Puerto Rico go and let it become an independent country or let it align themselves with another country.  It really has no redeeming values to the United States.
It is a violent country and since the year 2000, there have been about 36 police officers killed by gun fire or other violent deaths in Puerto Rico.  They have a large amount of violent crime and their economy stinks.
Why in the world would the United States want them as a state or worse yet, have them bailed out at the expense of other states.
Just send them on their merry way and a give them a hearty good luck because we don't need Puerto Rico as a state or territory under any scenario.

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