Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump And Liberal Hypocrisy

So, the liberals and some weak kneed Republicans are complaining about what Donald Trump complaining that the judge in his lawsuit about Trump University is Mexican.  They called Trump racist and insensitive.
Meanwhile, the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton whose sole qualification is because she is a woman.
Meaning of course, Hillary supporters are also bigots because they voted for her solely because she is a woman and refused to consider voting for a man.
And, don't forget, the democrats/liberals are a group of racists who enjoy keeping minorities in the liberal racist plantations.
Liberals provide horrible education to poor areas.
They keep minorities poor and dependent on liberal money welfare programs.
The liberals are killing the Black population by admitting so many illegals to take jobs in the inner cities and the suburbs.
Because of the liberals, especially Hillary Clinton, they keep police from policing the high crime areas, making many innocent people victims of crimes.
Because of the poor education and lack of opportunities, liberals will keep so many Blacks in prison and on probation.
So, Trump makes a stupid comment but the liberals are the real racists.

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