Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Google Supporting Hillary

Looks like Google is in the bag for Hillary Clinton.
I put in the Google box " Hillary is a racist" and got this results, which were mostly about Trump being a racist:
And in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Kyle leveled an explosive charge at presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, one which ...
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Hillary is a racist on Twitter
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Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to all young girls who dream that one day they too can become a loveless, power-mad, grasping, evil crone.
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I'm no more inspired by Hillary than I am by Thatcher or Golda Meir. Why should I be proud of a racist war criminal? twitter.com/jamilsmith/st…

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Trump is a genius, He's got left wingers crying that he didn't apologize to the racist judge, on Hillary's big night. Psychological warfare

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The world is going to be no more post sexist after Clinton nomination/victory than it is post racist after Obama. twitter.com/aejohnsonphd/…

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This is not to say I am a Bernie or nothing jerks. I'm voting for Hilary. Because a racist white woman is better than Trump.

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Here's @HillaryClinton saying DEPORT ILLEGALS! Is she racist? Make it viral! #Hillary2016 #MAGA credit:@davism0181 pic.twitter.com/IQR02yNv5…

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let's do this H Clinton,we can not let a racist like dump become our president

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I will not stand with @HillaryClinton nor will I stand with a racist pile of dirt @realDonaldTrump

Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump a RACIST... And Trump FIRES ...

Now, Hillary – who wanted to jump on the media bandwagon this week – has accused Trump of racism for his strong stance against illegal aliens. While most ...

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump's A Racist But Better Than Hillary... - Patch

5 hours ago - Across America, US - The Speaker of the House continues to back the only presidential candidate in memory to utter the "textbook definition of ...

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