Friday, July 8, 2016

More Trusted Than Hillary

Too funny.
From WND:
  • Expired milk
  • Truck stop sushi
  • Love letters from inmates
  • Facebook’s respect for free speech
  • Someone asking you for your Social Security number over the phone
  • That Nigerian prince asking you for money on the Internet
  • That camera in the bathroom
  • Taking a laxative and a sleeping pill at thevsame time.
  • the only girl in a room full of Syrian refugees
  • Investigative journalism by Rolling Stone magazine
  • Michael Vick dog sitting
  • Dick Cheney behind you with a shotgun
  • O.J. Simpson with a glove and a knife
  • Elizabeth Warren’s Native American DNA
  • Vince Foster’s “suicide” note
  • Carpooling with Ted Kennedy
  • A blood transfusion from Charlie Sheen
  • Having Bernie Madoff as your financial adviser
  • A prostate exam from Captain Hook

  •
    And a few more:
    Bill Clinton in a room with a cigar  and female intern.
    Donald Trump and Twitter and a TV camera.
    President Obama and the Constitution. 
    Harry Reid and ethics.

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