Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Saw My First Trailer Park Trash Family Today

Today, when I was working my 2nd job at the local Kmart, I saw my first honest to goodness white trailer trash people.
So, this family or group of 2 adults and 5 pre-teens and teenagers come in the store.  They first announced thst they were there. Then the proceeded to run around the store looking for hugs from staff and customers. Fortunately, they didn't ask me or I would have ended up on the local stockade, being I am probably 4 times as the kids were.
Then they thought it would be cool to play dodge ball in the store along with running around knocking old ladies down.
After that, then they tried to have a punting contest with some of the balls in the toy section.  Well, that was enough already and I shamed them in what they were doing and they left the store in a subdued manner.  I really wish the adults would have said something to me because, being a special education teacher, I would told them I am sure they were familiar with special ed. teachers due to their kids.
So, this what trailer trash acts and looks like.

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