Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Disgrace Of Chicago

From the Chicago Tribune: Weekend gun violence in Chicago pushed the number of people shot in the city this year to around 2,100 — about 700 more than this time last year.
A total of 43 people were shot in the city over the weekend, four of them fatally. Nineteen of those were shot during an 11-hour stretch Friday night into Saturday morning, including two men wounded on a crowded sidewalk outside a taco restaurant in Wicker Park, according to police.
Late Saturday, a 21-year-old man was killed and a 15-year-old boy was wounded as they played basketball in Ogden Park in Englewood on the South Side, police said.
Between Friday into Saturday morning, two men died and at least 17 others were wounded; another man was killed and 15 people were hurt from Saturday morning to early Sunday; a fourth man was killed and seven were wounded in shootings Sunday afternoon and evening.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-4-killed-39-hurt-in-weekend-shootings-20160711-story.html
If it weren't fr the first responders, including the police, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses and technicians at the hospitals, the number of dead would be much higher.  Also, if the shooters were better shots, more people would have died.
Why is this important?
Chicago is run by Rahm Emmanuel, a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and former chief of staff of President Obama.
And if you  like shootings and out of control cities, just vote for Hillary Clinton.

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