Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Well, in Tempe, AZ, an anti-Trump rally quickly when only 25 people showed.
From AZ Central:  Community organizer Randy Perez had one goal when he set out Monday: March through the streets of Tempe with a few hundred demonstrators to protest President Donald Trump's claims of massive voter fraud in the November election.
Something went wrong along the way, however, and what was originally supposed to be a march of 150 to 200 people ended up fizzling out with an attendance of 20 to 25 people gathering at Arizona State University's Tempe campus. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe/2017/02/20/tempe-anti-trump-rally-fizzles-out/98181744/
First, it was a dumb reason to protest. The election is over and who really cares what Trump said about voter fraud and who wants to protest it?
And they were by Arizona's largest university and if they couldn't find more protesters than that then they to give up.
Then the lady said she has been to at least 10 anti-Trump protests.  That's stalking or being obsessive.
And do you remember when conservatives said ex-president Obama was not their president?   The media said we were racist and un-American.  Now the media love these protesters.  More fake liberal news.

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