Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump Blamed For Prison Riot

That President Trump sure is one powerful dude and really gets around.
From  Through a hostage, the prisoners called it a rebellion...
Prisoners funneled a second call to The News Journal through a woman who said her son was in Vaughn Correctional and was being held hostage.
We’re trying to explain the reasons is for doing what we’re doing. Donald Trump. Everything that he did. All the things that he’s doing now. We know that the institution is going to change for the worse. We know the institution is going to change for the worse. We got demands that you need to pay attention to, that you need to listen to and you need to let them know," the caller told The News Journal. "Education, we want education first and foremost. We want a rehabilitation program that works for everybody. We want the money to be allocated so we can know exactly what is going on in the prison, the budget."
Prayers to the hostages and their families.  Also prayers for the hostage negotiators and SWAT TEAMS as they try to release all the hostages.

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