Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Half Time Show

As an older middle age male, you would think us middle aged guys would give Lady Gaga Super Bowl half time show at least a B.
Not me.
I knew only knew 1 Gaga song plus the 2-3 patriotic songs.
Every other song was boring to me.
And Gaga was ugly
So, I give the show a D-, and for me, that is being generous.
And the rest of us? What do you give her?
But heck, since she probably paid the NFL to be the half time entertainment, we got our money's worth.
Can't wait till next year's Super Bowl.


  1. In this case, I'm quite positive you were in the minority. Top tier half time entertainment, easily the best in years and years.

  2. PS: you don't know Born This Way, Poker Face or Bad Romance? Time for some current music in your diet, some of those are actually "oldies" to some people!