Tuesday, February 21, 2017


From WFAA Dallas Tx: Life in prison.
Those were the words that Christopher Duntsch never wanted to hear.  And the words that his patients and their families desperately wanted to hear.The one-time neurosurgeon was sentenced by the 12-member jury to spend the remainder of his life behind bars Monday afternoon.“This was a voice for Kellie,” said Don Martin, whose wife bled to death after one of those botched surgeries in 2012.  
Did the doctor screw up? Probably. Does he deserves life in prison?  I don't think so because there was no evidence he screwed on purpose or with malice.  In addition, the patient did not die but was seriously and permentally disabled.  Life in prison should be for the worst of the worst and while the doctor was a horrible doctor, life in prison is too much.

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