Monday, April 12, 2010

Pawn Stars Getting Political

From the Las Vegas Sun: Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley made a visit today to that most Las Vegas of Vegas attractions – the celebrity pawn shop.... “Pawn Stars” is based on the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in the heart of Berkley’s Las Vegas district. Berkley stopped by Monday afternoon to celebrate Gold and Silver’s popularity and thank the Harrisons, the owner-operators, “for helping to promote Las Vegas tourism through the success of the program which is seen by millions of History Channel viewers.”
First why is this even news? You have to realize that is a publicity stunt by both Berkley and the cast at Pawn Stars. They also had their the liberal accomplices in the likes of the Las Vegas Sun and it's author of this press release, Lisa Mascaro. Mascaro is just a little hack extremist liberal reporter. She has no ethics and really doesn't know much about journalism. I'd say she should go back to Journalism 101 but I don't think any journalism school would take her.
Then, why is Berkley even visited with lapdog Mascaro in tow? She must be feeling the heat in her upcoming election that she has to stoop so low.
And why did the Pawn Stars cast want to do this? Lately, the Pawn Stars are doing everything to get into the newspaper. Recent reports find them reporting a stop in Wisconsin, doing interviews and other publicity stunts. This seems out of character of them or at least how they portray themselves, but they must have gotten the fame bug in them. I shopped at the store before they started and what they were then is not the same people they are now.
I am glad they are getting their 15 minutes of fame, but I hope they don't get huge egos.
And looking at the picture of the Old Man, I don't think it has for him.

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