Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Second Social Studies For The Las Vegas Sun Editorial Board

Sometimes, when you hate the opposition so much, you end up looking like idiots.
Case in point, the Las Vegas editorial board, led by Coward Brian Greenspun, owner of the Sun.
From Sunday's editorial board of crack smoking editorial writers: 
State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis last week pulled a tax proposal that would have raised money for education. In an emotional speech, Denis said the plan didn’t have the support to pass.
“We are failing our children, kicking the can down the road,” the Democrat said. “Once again, we have put our partisanship over policies that can help today.”
When Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson took the floor, he expressed his affection for Denis but then criticized him and his party for a lack of leadership.....
Read more:
As we have noted before, Southern Nevada is the engine that fuels the state, yet it has been drained. The state can’t wait for another two years to prime the engine.
At this point, the governor needs to step in and provide the leadership needed to make a real impact this session. There’s no doubt the state’s antiquated tax system is broken and inequitable. It’s past time to fix it and give the state’s education system the real boost it needs, not the token offers that he has put forth. And, it shouldn’t be hard to do — the state has years of studies to refer to.
To do that, he’ll have to put down the stale rhetoric about no new taxes and potential harm a tax might do to the economy. Remember the reviled tax increase in 2003, the largest in state history at that time? It didn’t hurt the economy. Instead, the economy boomed.
And if Sandoval wants to win the hearts of voters in Southern Nevada, he needs to fix the inequities in the unconscionable way state and federal money is distributed.
Those types of actions may not make him or lawmakers popular with those who love the status quo, but it will make them heroes in the minds of real Nevadans who want to see a better future for our children.
So, because the Democrats can't lead, the crack addled writers blame the Republican governor.
So, here is the 5 second social studies lesson for the pot smoking liberals on the editorial board, and for liberals in Nevada in general:
The Nevada Assembly and Senate propose bills.
If a bill passes, the governor can sign or veto a bill.
If a bill is vetoed, the legislators can override the veto.
So, Sun writers, was that too hard to understand?
Yeah, I thought that was too hard to understand for most liberals.

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