Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Do You Really Want A President To Be A Role Model?

I've been listening and watching commercials from Hillary saying that Donald Trump is not a good role model for women and young girls.
My first reaction is: Is Hilary a good role model for anybody with her dishonesty?  Her threatening to kill a political adversary, Julian Assange?
Her willful breaking of the law and guidelines?  Being careless with our national secrets?  Pay for play?  And there is so much more.
But do we look at presidents as role models?  I don't know of 1 president in recent memory that are true role models.  Not Obama, not Reagan, though he was pretty close, certainly not Nixon, Clinton, Kennedy or Johnson.  Even though I loved them as president, the Bush's are not true role models, though George W. Bush was a pretty good role model after kicking drinking and maybe drugs.  Carter was a good role model after he left office, but during his time in office, he was horrible, 2nd to Obama to being the worst president ever.
So, do we want our presidents to be role models?  I don't.  I want a president to make the tough decisions, no matter what the polls say.  I want a president who is not a wimp.  I want a president who will stand up to Congress.  I want a president to lead us into battle, when justified, even if it means some service members will die.  I want a president who go after the scandals and fire people who need to be fired.  I want a president who will reign in nameless bureaucrats.
So, give me strong person who doesn't care if they are a role model or not and that they do right for the country as opposed to playing favorites and playing for the polls.

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  1. You will have a hard time convincing me that Hillary Clinton isn't a "strong" person. She's weathered decades of attacks by the right, and she's still here, still going. And Trump--at least for now--is being beaten by a girl.*

    *I'm not nutty enough to say it is a certainty that will hold. I know that stuff happens, and I know that anything can. But I've never worried for the fate of the country before, not like this one. I never doubted that Mitt Romney or John McCain could actually do the job. I didn't want them to, but I didn't think they were dangerously incompetent. Trump is. Admittedly so, actually, an outsider to politics, with no diplomatic skills whatsoever. I still can't quite believe we're where we are, with who we are.