Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Same Newspaper, Different Slant On Same Type Of Story

The statue was only up for less than three hours.
The NY Daily news is a racist newspaper with racist and extremely liberal columnists and editors (there are no journalists there) and they have been completely biased in their reporting of the presidential election.  Case in point:
Story 1: An artist erected an obscene statue of Hillary Clinton in downtown Manhattan Tuesday morning causing a heated fight between defenders of the profane piece of protest art and women trying to tear it down.
The grotesque caricature of the Democratic candidate appeared outside the Bowling Green station during morning rush hour on Tuesday and shows Clinton with hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her bare breasts.
“This is obscene!” shouted the woman, an employee at the nearby National Museum of the American Indian who would only identify herself as Nancy.
“To put something up like this in front of my work place...I shouldn’t have to see this,” she later told the Daily News, fighting back tears as she gestured toward the crude figure.
Video of the dispute shows the museum worker struggling with the artist who erected the statue, who identified himself as 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, as he tried to prop the structure back up. At one point during the tussle, the woman sits down on the statue to prevent Scioli from picking it back up.
Story 2:  New Yorkers saw the naked truth about Donald Trump — and it wasn’t pretty.
A disturbing nude statue of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — sporting his trademark comb-over and nothing more — materialized bizarrely Thursday in Union Square.
The billionaire’s buck-naked image became an instant internet sensation while drawing hordes of onlookers eagerly snapping pictures or shooting video with their smartphones.
“It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen of him!” said a laughing Josephine Espinal, 45, of Park Slope. “It’s history.”
“It’s pretty hilarious,” said the Greenpoint resident. “It’s very striking. I hope it stays up, because it’s pretty accurate in a literal and figurative way.”
The statue was created over the past four months by a sculptor identified only as “Ginger” and the American Activist Collective INDECLINE. A video of an artist making the statues was posted online on Sunday....
"NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small," said Parks Department spokesman Sam Biederman.
So, the NY Daily News has 2 different takes on basically the same story.
With Hillary, it's taken on as a serious news story while Trump's story is more like a funny ha ha story.
The pictures are different and even the headlines take a serious side for Hillary and comedic for Trump.
So, if anyone who says there is no bias in reporting, here is exhibit 575,000,000 of this presidential election.  And they come from the same "newspaper" though different people who put words into a computer and has decent punctuation.

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