Thursday, October 20, 2016

PTSD Is Real

A sad story out of Florida, from Fire Rescue 1: A battalion chief was found dead Saturday shortly after he posted to his Facebook page about PTSD. 
Authorities found Indian River County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief David Dangerfield in a wooded area from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, reported the TC Palm. Police said Dangerfield had told dispatchers where he could be found. 
Prior to his death, Dangerfield posted to Facebook discussing PTSD and firefighters, stating that, “PTSD for firefighter is real. If your love one is experiencing signs get them help quickly.”...
PTSD for Firefighters is real. If your love one is experiencing signs get them help quickly. 27 years of deaths and babies dying in your hands is a memory that you will never get rid off. It haunted me daily until now. My love to my crews. Be safe , take care. I love you all. 
David Dangerfield
on Saturday
I have been a volunteer firefighter and saw death many times.
One case, in Dunseith ND, on a Easter Sunday, in the 1980's, I went on a call where a mom and daughter were killed in a fire. The fire started as a wildfire that was arson and it began to overrun the family's trailer home.  The problem with that is that the mom as passed out drunk inside and the daughter ran into the trailer to get her mom out of the burning home.  Both became trapped inside and died.   I helped with bringing the bodies out.  the bodies were so burnt, that I could see rib bones and leg bones sticking out of the burned bodies and the smell was so horrendous, I couldn't eat for a week and couldn't eat meat for 7 months.
I've also been on calls where people been hit by cars and when I attempted CPR, I put my hand through a man's skull because it was so bashed in.
I've been on a call where a snowmobiler was running fast through the woods and hit a guide wire on an electrical pole and his body became detached from his head and I had to pick up the head.
And there were more cases.
And I was a volunteer. 
Can you imagine what fire fighters, paramedics and street police officers in Chicago, where over 3000 people have been shot and 600 killed this year, have seen?  They have seen people's heads blown off, faces blown off and other traumatic injuries.
The same with firefighters, EMT's and paramedics, along with police officers who work in inner cities and else where.
Then you have those in the military who have seen their buddies blown up, enemies blown up, you just can't ignore these sights.
Victims of crime can be victims of crime also can suffer from PTSD.
So, when someone says PTSD is not real or the people who have it aren't strong, well, it's bull shit.
Having said that, there are cases that are suspect.  For instance, a soldier sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, someone who is a paper pusher inside a secure base and doesn't see combat an they claim PTSD?  I would question that.
A college student who is offended by hate speech or a Donald Trump visit to their campus and then claim PTSD, I call BS.
If you don't actually see violence and still claim PTSD, I would call you weak unless there is a really special reason to convince me otherwise.
So, if you see violence, PTSD can be real.  If you don't see violence, then I call BS unless you convince m otherwise.


  1. You forgot to mention nurses on your list.

  2. Yes, you are correct and doctors and aides and even housekeepers who have to clean up the messes.

  3. Yes, you are correct and doctors and aides and even housekeepers who have to clean up the messes.