Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More Hysteria From The NY Daily News

Apparently a person who puts words into a computer and the NY Daily News are afraid that a gay man is going to leave the liberal plantation.
From the NY Daily News: People are freaking out after a Huffington Post article was published about Fox News fan boy Shepard Smith and Roger Ailes. In the article, Smith at no time says "I am a gay man," but that hasn't stopped the internet from splashing "SHEPARD SMITH COMES OUT OF CLOSET" headlines across every news site.
If Smith is in fact gay, fine— but you can keep him. I don't pretend to speak for the entire LGBTQI community, but I think it's safe to say that someone who goes to bed with FOX News is not an ally. "Maybe it's just a job," you're saying. But this is the same Fox News that loves to
perpetuate the lie that transgender men and women aren't real people. They hide behind hateful talking heads like Ann Coulter, whom they allow to say things on air like she would tell her gay son that he was adopted if he came out to her. What a fabulous place to work at, right Shepard Smith?
And to this person from the "News", Ann Coulter has spent a lot more time at MSNBC and CNN.  Are these organizations (can't call them news) as bad as Fox News is to work for?  Oops, there goes your narrative, Chase Hill, who put his words of hate into the computer)
So, another liberal who is afraid of gay men, just like Blacks, Latinos, single women etc from leaving the liberal plantation of hate and racism.

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