Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Winners And Losers In 2016 Presidential Election

So, after the 2016 presidential elections, everyone and their sisters will do a winners and losers but hardly anyone does it before the election.
1. Donald Trump:  Trump has endured viscous accusations from the media, Hillary, GOP elected officials and some conservative radio talk show hosts.  He also proved he is tough enough to take on the media and the Clinton machine. More to cone later in the post.
2. Mike Pence: Pence has shown he is the only mature person in the presidential election.
3. Those who decided to vote on the issues: Those who decided to vote on issues instead of loyalty to parties or candidates, from either party,  are the smart and brave ones.
4. Fox News: Fox nes calls itself "fair and balanced" and from my viewing them, they have been.  They have more more Clinton supporters than other networks have Trump supporters.
5. Wikileaks: Wikileaks has done the role that the mefia, FBI, the Clinton and her ilk should have done, reporting the e-mails and other material ?ostly on Hillary but 1very daming leak on Trump.
1. Hillary Clinton and her campaign: There's more than enough evidence to put her in jail. Plus all the false evidence he has accused of. Plus her support of BJ Bill Clinton, who was disbarred, paidca huge fine and even a bigger settlement.  She is not is not fit to be a president and the only thing keeping her out of prison is her being elected president.
2. The media: I have remembered 13 presidential elections and this is, by the worst by far, the coverage of this election.  Especially worst are local newspapers like theNY Times, NY Daily News,  Washington Post and many others who go out their way to print bad news on Trump but refuse to run bad news on Hillary.  I don't know how the media plan on redeeming themselves I think the media will never be the same.
3. Debate moderators (so far): The debate moderators have decided to be the main attraction of the first 2 debates by arguing with Donald Trump and not Hillary.  Anderson Cooper
was the worst, by a country mile.
4. Donald Trump: while most of his campaign has been run quite well, he put in his mouth too many times.
5. Tim Kaine: Kaine started out to be a nice guy in the campaign but ends up being a pit bull with his accusations and his rhetoric.
6. Undecided Voters: Geez, if you don't know who to vote for president by now, you really are a loser.
7.  Most Blacks, union members, Latinos, single women, Indians and other groups: These groups, the vast majority of the time, vote for Democrats, even the Democrats have proved to be a racist organization from the start of party all the way to the present time.  Single women?  I have no way to understand their stupidity and no wondervwhy they are single.
8. Voters who vote on personality: I'm sorry, but I have watched rallies and both candidates who have clapping seals at the rallies. I could never get that excited about any person, except Jesus/God.
9. Mark Levin: Levin's pick for president was Ted Cruz.  When Cruz withdrew from the tace, Levin was very bitter and ripped on Trump for weeks and still does to a certain extent. He, alone, will cost 10,000's of votes.  Who these voters vote is anybody's guess.
10. The polls: The polls are all over the place and considering who commissions, the polls, mostly by biased media outlets, you cannot trust the pollsters.
11. Bernie Sanders: after what Hillary,  the DNC, the White House did too him and he still campaigns for him? I guess this is going to pay for his new lake shore house now.
So, here are my winners and losers for 2016 presidential election. Please fill free to add to the list.

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  1. I've watched more FOX news than usual and haven't been happy with them. I discovered a new channel that CAN report the news without an agenda. It is OANN (One America News Network). I have Prism and it is on my TV channels. I really recommend them. Posted by Aviana. It still isn't asking for my name.