Thursday, October 20, 2016

Last 2016 Presidential Debate Review

This is my first and only 2016 presidential debate that I have watched and probably because of the moderator, Chris Wallace and here are my views, from a conservative point of view.
The moderator, Chris Wallace: For the most part, he did a good job.  He had to put up with the candidates and the audience.
I was disappointed that he didn't bring up ObamaCare.  Other that that, he did a nice job.  He didn't suck up to Hillary and he gave each candidate to make themselves look good or bad.  He also let Trump get away talking over him.
Fox News: The lightening certainly favored Hillary and even the Fox News people admitted as much.  Even the writing on the wall before each candidate looked different, with Hillary's wall more in focus than Trump.
Hillary:  For the most, Hillary talked in canned answers, many times that had nothing to do with the question/discussion.  She also refused to answer several questions.  Hillary also seemed not to take this debate seriously with all the laughing, unless, of course, she was on drugs, which is also a possibility.
Her stupidest comments: Saying that in the history of presidential elections, no one has contested the legitimacy of a presidential election, conveniently forgetting the 2000 election where Al Gore didn't concede for a couple of months.
and part was her demanding Trump not using Wikileaks for his campaign.  You know if the roles were reversed Clinton would use them in a heartbeat.  Plus, there is no convincing evidence that Russia was involved.
Donald Trump:  For the most part, he answered the questions and discussions on point.  He didn't have staged/canned answers and he looked like he was serious about the debate.  On debating style, he won the debate.  On the issues, from my perspective, he won the debate.  Now, if he could have smiled more, that might have helped him.
His stupidest moment: He confused me, he said he didn't like Putin, but he also kind of praised Putin is saying Putin kicked Obama/Hillary's butt in the middle east and other places.
Verdict: Donald Trump clearly won the debate, both on the issues and debate style.
That's just my view.

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