Friday, October 28, 2016

Oh, Boo Hoo

From the LA Times: In his 29 years in prison, David Bonner has mopped floors, cooked hot dogs in the cafeteria and, most recently, cut sheets of aluminum into Alabama license plates.
The last job paid $2 a day — enough to buy a bar of soap at the commissary or make a short phone call. 
This is slavery," said Bonner, who is 51 and serving a life sentence for murder. "We're forced to work these jobs and we get barely anything.”
He was speaking on a mobile phone smuggled into his 8-by-12 foot cell in Alabama’s Holman Correctional Facility, where he and dozens of other inmates were on strike....
Known by inmates as “the slaughterhouse” for its death row, the maximum-security Holman prison is considered one of the most violent facilities in the South.
These maximum security prisons are for people who do not play well with others. These prisons house the worst of the worst prisoners.
When I was going to college in Madison, WI, I worked at Mendota Mental Health Institute as a janitor on the ward that housed the worst of the of the worst, a place where prisons sent prisoners to Mendota because they couldn't handle them. I was face to face with cop killers, murderers and other dangerous people.  I have no sympathy for these guys.  
Of course, they should have a safe environment but these thugs had to do something bad to be sent to the Super Max prisons.
So, no tears for these thugs.

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