Monday, March 21, 2016

Animals Among Humans

From the Houston Chronicle:
Two men who shot an acquaintance from the backseat as he was driving home from a strip club early Saturday were charged with murder Sunday. 
Phillip Frank Panzica, 27, was fatally shot at 5 a.m. Saturday. Bryant Christopher Watts, 28, and Aaron Jones, 31, are charged with capital murder. 
HPD homicide investigators reported that Panzica was with Jones at an "adult entertainment club," where Panzica's fiancee worked as a dancer. She left the club with her cash and was looking for Panzica in the club's parking lot. Jones told her Panzica was in her car, a black Kia Sorrento. 
The fiancee got in the passenger seat of her car, and the two suspects got in the back of the car. As Panzica drove near Richmond and Jeanetta, Watts said, "You need to come clean," and pointed a handgun at him. He shot him several times. 
The two men got out of the car, dumped Panzica's body at the side of the road and demanded that the woman get out of the car. They fled the scene in her car with her cash. She flagged down a Metro bus driver for help.
The guy killed was also the same guy who was charged, later reduced, with a felony in Las Vegas for having sex in the High Roller wheel a few months ago.
And now this.
While I have no sympathy for the couple in the High Roller being busted, it's a shame that some animals decided to not only rob the couple but kill the guy as well.
Sadly, there are animals pretending to be human among us, in a civilized society.

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