Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Everything Is So Higgledy-Piggledy

I haven't been blogging much lately, because, quite frankly, things are happening so fast and furious and so much of the news lately could be an episode of "Ripley's Believe It or Not".
So, right now, we have a bunch of so-called conservative radio talk show hosts who have their candidate they endorse for president in the GOP and they seem to be in competition with each other and whoever's candidate wins the GOP nomination, that means they are the best talk show host ever.
So, you have Sean Hannity going for Donald Trump, Michael Savage and Mark Levin are for Ted Cruz and Brian Kilmeade is all in with Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and now, who really knows.
It's gotten so bad that now, with hour and 15 minute 1 way trip to Lake Havasu and another 1 hr. and 15 minute ride back from work that I have stopped listening to conservative talk shows and now listen to NPR-Morning Edition and All Things Considered in the afternoon.  Of course NPR is a very liberal media source but every now and then, they come up with something interesting.  Not so with conservative talk.
And Mark Levin is worst.  Levin is a pit bull and very much like Donald Trump on his show, but now he rips Trump for acting like....Mark Levin.
And all these talk show hosts seem to that there is a democrat race for president and they have mostly disappeared in talking about Bernie and Hillary.  They seem to think that Trump, Kasich and Cruz are the enemies, not Hillary and Bernie.
Then we have a president who really doesn't care about anything except his legacy.  Stays put when there is a terrorist attack in Belgium (good) but still goes out and parties and baseball games.
Then we have the liberals all up in arms because North Carolina had the balls to shut down a stupid law- Charlotte passed a law that among other things, allows transgender people to go to whatever bathroom they want.  That is one of the most insane bills out there and the North Carolina state legislators had to play grown up to reign the babies in Charlotte.  So, now, a lot of corporations have decided to boycott North Carolina. including the governor of New York who has decided that it's just hunky dory to go to Cuba but not to North Carolina.  Try to figure that one out.
As far as the president race goes,  look: "Squirrel"  "Shiny Object".  Everyone is so ADHD, Bi-Polar and Schizophrenic,  It's not that entertaining and the stories are so pathetic.  Like when the reporter who filed criminal charges against Trumps campaign manger, who pulled her away from Trump, and she is pressing charges because he did not apologize to her.  This reporter is so stupid on history, she doesn't realize that reporters have been killed, kidnapped, really assaulted for being a journalist.  This journalist also forgot a 10 ten rule for reporters- don't make the story about yourself and she clearly violated this rule.
And the weather.  We got snow yesterday in Kingman AZ., and we were colder than some areas of the northern plains, like in North Dakota and Montana.
No wonder I feel like George banks from Mary Poppins where his life was all Higgledy-Piggledy:


  1. These "religious freedom" bills are nothing of the sort, and are about far more than transgender bathroom issues. They USE that issue as the foot in the door, they then pretend that pastors or churches were ever in danger of having to perform gay marriages (they aren't/weren't, not ever), and then pass sweeping laws that rescind local civil rights laws for LGBT citizens in individual cities and jurisdictions, and block them from being enacted. And, often, they isolate marriage businesses as some sort of protected industry that gets special carve-outs to civil rights laws. These laws are regressive, discriminatory and extremely disingenuous. And as it turns out, really bad for business.

  2. I actually do understand that but disagree with you.
    But I completely disagree with transgender people being allowed to use whatever bathroom they want. That is completely wrong and dangerous.

    1. Okay, first, you disagree with which part, that posters and churches were never in danger of performing gay marriages? They weren't and aren't. Obergefell is about civil marriage only. Churches have always been free to set their own rules about who they will marry. Catholics, for instance, have quite the list of "no"s.

      As for a transgender man in the men's room, or a transgender woman in the ladies. . .where is the danger? I seriously a) don't get it, and b) can't imagine it's a common enough occurrence for this spate of laws. Understand, Dan, the trans issue isn't my own, so I don't really have a dog in that fight. Except that it keeps being used as a Trojan horse to pass these sweeping laws that take ALL protections (existing and future!) away from LGBT people.