Sunday, March 20, 2016

What A Total Bogus Hillary Commercial

So, this little Hispanic girl come crying to Hillary, (very, very staged, not impromptu, as ad tries to make you believe) that her parents have a letter saying her parents are being deported.
so, let's look at this logically:
Why were the parents being deported?  Were they criminals? (obviously yes because they are HERE ILLEGALLY) Did they commit felonies or other crimes making them not worthy of staying in the U.S.?
How about, If the young girl is to be believed, then maybe she should go back to her home country with her parents after they are departed.
And what exactly will Hillary do about the kid's parents, especially if she loses the election- she just raised this kid's hope's up, if the kid is telling the truth and the kid is not an actress.  That's down right mean of Hillary to raise the kid's hope's up and Hillary really cannot do much.
So, just another pandering advertisement by Hillary.

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