Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bernie Wins again

The lame media state with certainty, the Republican Party is imploding at the seams because Donald Trump winning a bunch of primaries, while others state the GOP is imploding because he keeps on winning on the GOP side.
Well, Bernie Sanders is also winning on the democrat side, with Bernie now winning over Hillary in Washington. Idaho and Hawaii, just today.
From Fox News: Sen. Bernie Sanders was projected to win the Alaska and Washington Democratic presidential caucuses -- victories he hopes will spark a Western states comeback and help him cut into frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s substantial lead.
The Associated Press projected Sanders the winner of both contests. The results of Saturday’s third presidential contest, the Hawaii Democratic Caucus, will not be announced until at least midnight.
"We knew things were going to improve as we headed west," Sanders said at a rally in Madison, Wis. "We are making significant inroads in ... Clinton's lead ... We have a path toward victory."
Clinton leads by roughly 300 pledged delegates, with 142 up for grabs Saturday. Washington had the biggest prize, 101 delegates, followed by Hawaii with 25 and Alaska with 16.
So far, Sanders has won 14 states, while Clinton has won 17 states and almost all of the super majority delegates.
So, Bernie is making a strong showing, much to the chagrin of the ruling class of the democrat party.

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