Friday, March 4, 2016

Typical Liberal Media BS

Today, the Las Vegas Sun an extremely liberal newspaper (?) (who has to depend on the ever increasing liberal Las Vegas Review Journal to have it's newspaper be delivered by the LVRJ) who is published by Extremist and Coward, Brian Greenspun, printed an article from the Associated Press about a thug who was killed by police.
From the extremist Sun: The funeral Friday for a black man shot by a North Carolina officer gave his loved ones a chance to mourn after a week of raw emotions and debate about how police treat his predominantly black neighborhood.
More than 200 people crammed into Bible Way Temple near the site where 24-year-old Akiel Denkins was shot Monday. The service came a day after police issued a preliminary report saying Denkins pulled a gun from his waistband during the struggle, an account that drew skepticism from people who knew him.
The extremist Sun decided to take sides with a thug who pulled a gun on the cops and the cops responded like they were trained- take out a threat toward the cops and the general public.
Major Gregory E.
But when a Black police officer, Major Lem Barney, ( )was killed in Georgia on 2/11/16, not one mention in the extremist Sun about his funeral or death.
So, like a typical liberal, Coward Brian Greenspun decided to take the sides of a black thug over a Black police officer who was killed by a thug.
How pathetic the Sun and Greenspun are.

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