Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Winners And Losers: Super Tuesday

Today was a Super Tuesday- SEC edition based on the large number of Southern states.
And of course, there are winners and losers.
1.  Donald Trump.  He won 7 races (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. Clinton is projected to win Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.) and he will probably Win Alaska.
He has over 50% of the delegates. Trump has about 264 with the field having 259 (Cruz has 142, Rubio with 78 and Kasich with 24 with the rest of the field have a total of 15)
2.  Bernie Sanders: No matter how Hillary and her supporters spin it, Sanders won 4 states(Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont and Minnesota).  With the exception of Vermont, 3 months ago Sanders never had a chance to win anything except for Vermont.  Further, Sanders won liberal states that usually will go to the Democrats in November.
3.  Ted Cruz:  Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma, 2 states Cruz had to win  to keep on going again.
1.  Hillary Clinton: Yes, the Hildabeast won in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. but with the exception of MA and maybe VA, the rest are bright Red states and she won't win those states in the general election.
Further, if you take away the Super Delegates, Clinton has less than a 200 delegate lead, 527 for the Hildabeast and 347.
2.  Marco Rubio: Rubio finally won a state, Minnesota, which is a very Blue State and has lost 15 other states but he got 12 delegates, as did Cruz and The Donald came in 3rd with 8 delegates.  He is the establishment candidate  and he go blown out of the water in many states.  Besides, Minnesota is a very weird state, where they have a bunch loser sports team and colleges..
3.  Joe Biden: You know, after every primary and caucuses, Biden kicks himself all around the home for vice presidents seeing that he could be winning most of these contests and taking the majority of Super Delegates.
Finally Ben Carson and Jon Kasich.
This should be their new theme song:

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  1. Hillary won 7 states also, and most of them even more decisively than Trump did. And yes, the Bernie states were blue. . .where either candidate would win in a general. She's now won 15 states to Bernie's 5. Yep, he did better than expected, and he's fulfilled his purpose in pulling Hillary further left. But Bernie is all but cooked, unless something huge changes. As for Trump? Ugh. I still can't believe his schtick hasn't worn thin. But I find Cruz detestable, and Rubio and Kasich look to be washouts. So, I honestly can't say who I'd root for on your side.