Sunday, March 13, 2016

So, Why Does Everyone Hate Trump (Except The Many Millions That Support Him)?

So, the liberals hate Trump.
The GOP establishment hate Donald Trump.
The liberal Democrats hate Trump (but the blue dog Democrats love him, like the unions).
Minorities hate him.
Illegals hate him.
Muslims hate him, including most of them in the U.S., unless they own a business.
Of course the easy answer is that Trump is not politically correct and we have not seen that in many years as a president.  We have the wimpiest president in President Obama.  George Bush, while he was tough on terrorists, he kind of was wimp against illegals and others.
Bill Clinton had somewhat a backbone, especially with welfare reform, but overall, he was a wimp.
Also, we have a bunch of wimps running for president on both sides.  Marco Rubio is a turncoat and wimp when he is pressured.  John Kasich is a wimp running Ohio, especially when it came to ObamaCare.
Ted Cruz, decided to side with the liberal thugs and goons over Trump, so he has shown his real unconservative stripes.
And don't even think that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have a backbone.  Even if they shared a backbone, between the 2 of them, they might have a backbone against conservatives but cave into everyone else.
Another reason, Trump wants to build a wall keeping illegal's out the country?  Yeah, so what?  He just is enforcing the law.
People say he hates muslims.  No, he hates the terrorist muslims and those muslims who want to come to this country without being properly vetted, which is what Obama is supposedly saying.
But the big reason, in my slightly humble opinion, is that the liberals and GOP is that trump will try and reform the welfare system.
Now, he hasn't proposed it yet, but if the GOP still controls the Senate and House, there is a very good possibility of true welfare reform.
Of course, the liberals don't believe in work for those who don't want to and they expect everyone to make the same wage.  They also believe booze hounds and drug addicts deserve Social security disability payments and other welfare.
And the GOP establishment are afraid of welfare reform because of the huge gravy train they are on. 
My experience working at Wal-Mart and K-Mart has shown me that those on welfare are a huge business for local grocery stores, department stores, convenience stores  and anybody else who takes EBT cards/food stamps.  And the money goes down the line to the companies that supply the stores and so on.
And if Trump reforms welfare and cuts back on food stamps, which is a federal program, the liberals and those who are not legitimately on welfare will be quite upset.
So, in the end, Trump doesn't care about the goons and thugs at his protest because that just gives him more TV time and publicity and he gets way more TV time that anybody else running for president.
And these liberal thugs and goons, who  by the way, are mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, will embolden Trump supporters and there will be many who will support Trump out of sympathy.

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