Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another Reason Hillary Is In Trouble

Hillary 2016
Even though the media says Hillary will become our next president because she is a woman, her biggest asset, there are signs that Hillary is in big trouble.
Take, for instance, the Wisconsin primary.
Bernie Sanders kicked Hillary's butt.
He won with 567,000 votes to Hillary's 432,000 votes.
He won with 56% of the vote to Hillary's 43%.
Bernie beat Hillary in each of Wisconsin's 72 counties- 72-0 Bernie wins the counties.
Lately, Wisconsin has gone Democrat in the presidential elections.
In the primary, the GOP got 1,072,000 voters out.
The Democrats only got 1,001,000 voters out in this primary.
And this scenario is repeating itself all over the country.  Hillary has lost the 6 out of 7 primaries/caucuses and has lost 16 states and territories and has won only 20 elections. 
How bad is this?  Hillary was supposed to have the nomination all wrapped in 2 weeks.
But now she has a tick named Bernie Sanders who is giving her a run for her money.

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