Friday, April 15, 2016

Thank You, ObamaCare

Well, I'm have to sit down and contemplate life, or at least my next possible job.
The school district where I teach at has decided to raise my family health insurance premiums.
My monthly premium will be about $1100.
That's about $35 a day for health insurance.  Everyday, for 365 days a year.
Take my pension contribution, which is 12% of my check.
Then Federal, State and Social Security and we are talking about 2/3 of my paycheck is gone before I pay my bills, rent, food bills etc.
A big reason for the increase?
Among other things, I am paying for my 64 year old aide's pregnancy.
And she is paying for other older aide's pregnancy.
And my prostrate exam.
And my wife's pregnancy that will never come.
And the list can go on.
And I thought ObamaCare was supposed to save us money.
And now, I might have to quit my job because I cannot pay for my health insurance premiums.

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