Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Biggest Lie Of The Year

(Burlington Liars Club)
The past couple of weeks, radio stations from NPR (National Public Radio, the official liberal spokesman for Obama and Hillary) had been conducting it's semi yearly (monthly) pledge drive.
One of the compelling reasons, they stated to give money to this pro-liberal government agency/radio station, was because they cover news items and this election fairly and they will be balanced.

Like when they use a Hillary Clinton Super Delegate to comment and report on the GOP and their convention.
And when they used the same person to report on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?
And the same person to report on Bernie Sanders?

Ted Cruz actually did an interview on NPR a few months ago (what was he thinking?) but they spliced up the interview to make him look like some kind of ogre, which probably is the view of him in liberal quarters

So, maybe NPR and their radio stations can enter the Burlington (WI) Liars Club 2016 biggest lie contest.
They probably won't have any competition. 

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