Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Las Vegas=Chicago?

Chicago is cold, humid, most of the town is old and they are having gang wars resulting in large amounts of murders.
Las Vegas is hot, dry, new and are in a middle of gang warfare resulting in large amounts of murders.
What's happening in Vegas?
From the LVRJ:
Sherri Ficklin’s 24-year-old nephew was shot dead just after midnight Sunday — one of five fatal shootings the valley saw last weekend.
But as she gathered with friends and family Sunday night to mourn Javarrious Eequinn Brown, they couldn’t even grieve in peace; a few shooters ignited the vigil in gunfire as the group lit candles near Pecos Road and Washington Avenue, sending people running and promptly ending the event.
The level of violence Ficklin experienced was echoed throughout the valley this past weekend, which marked a 100 percent increase in homicides compared with that time last year. As of Saturday, Las Vegas police were investigating 56 homicides, compared with 28 as of the same date a year ago.
Of the four others shot dead this past weekend, two were teens: Angelo Barboza, 15, and Benjamin Andre Soley, 17. That short span of homicides was also bookended by a shooting early Friday that killed Aaron Jordan, 18, and a stabbing about noon Monday that left another man dead.
“Obviously it’s a huge concern to the department,” Metro spokesman Larry Hadfield said. Officials plan to formally address the public about the crescendo of killings sometime this week.
The most violent of incidents last weekend happened early Saturday at the Hollywood Recreation Center, just a block away from Harney Middle School. The center exploded in 50 rounds of gunfire after a fight about 3:30 a.m., and police said the aftermath left 15-year-old Barboza dead, four others injured from either stab or gunshot wounds, and one juvenile arrested.
Almost everyone involved was a teenager, police said.
At the same park Monday afternoon, Steven Scalzo took a break from tossing a baseball with his children just across from a candlelit memorial for Barboza to talk about the fight.
“Kids these days ain’t kids anymore,” he said.
Metro homicide Lt. Dan McGrath said that’s because many kids are finding and firing guns.
Aside from the teens killed in the last few days, McGrath mentioned a recent case where a 16-year-old was arrested on a murder charge. To detectives’ disbelief, the child asked “when he could go” because he was “due to start a new job in the next few days.”  http://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/shootings/spike-fatal-shootings-over-past-weekend-las-vegas-valley-spells-troubling-trend
I've been writing about murders in Las Vegas for at least 4 years in this blog, when Betty Pinkney, a student at Desert Pines H.S., and someone I knew, was shot and killed at a party and everyone at the party and their friends and family decided that they wouldn't be snitches.  Some links to these stories:




There are a lot things at play in Las Vegas and has similar things with Chicago.
First, the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Valley are run by Democrats/liberals.  Just like most large cities that are run by liberals/Democrats, the gang members know this is where to come and they know that there will be little or no consequences for minor crimes and the only real consequences for their actions won't happen until they commit murder or numerous felonies.  They also know that there is plenty of welfare money to live on with little or no pressure to get off welfare.
2nd is that is there leadership in Chicago or Las Vegas, especially minority leadership.  Religious leaders are almost non-existent and Black leadership is just not there.  In Chicago, they have the criminal Jesse Jackson as their moral leader.  If Jackson is your leader, then you have no leader.
In Las Vegas, they have no leaders whatsoever.  And forget about Obama, who is from Chicago and still has a house there being protected by the secret service 24/7.  Things have gotten so much worse under Obama, for minorities, it's maddening.
3rd, Blacks and Hispanics hate the cops in Chicago and Vegas, until you need 1 and then it's too late.
4th, both cities are welcoming illegal aliens to their communities, without any vetting and many of these illegals are committing crimes, especially in their own communities.
The list can go on and on but you get the point, These murders and violent crimes are the result of liberal policies, lack of leadership and the welcoming of thousands and thousands of illegals to their cities.
And nothing will stop these murders until the problems listed are solved: Conservative leadership of government leaders and religious leaders, deporting the illegals or at least those who break even the most minor of infractions, like speeding or a parking ticket, more respect for the cops and vice versa, get rid of the bad cops and put limits on welfare money so that only the truly needy gets the benefits.

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