Monday, April 4, 2016

Wisconsin: You're Just Not That Important

Tomorrow is the Wisconsin presidential primary.
Even though the media is making a big deal, it really isn't that important.
Being from Wisconsin, I appreciate the coverage and seeing some of the sites I used visit.
But Wisconsin just is not all that important.
There are only 42 delegates at stake and it is a winner take all state, which is a small amount.
The only reason it is getting attention is because this has been the only primary in 2 weeks and the media is bored.
However, when Pennsylvania and New York and California have their primaries, then that will be a big deal.
So, sorry Wisconsin, enjoy your spotlight now because it will be over Wednesday when the circus leaves town.


  1. Dan the big Republican turnout in Wis yesterday did slap down the unions again with Justice Bradley's win. Big looser of the night is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, George Stanley and Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now.

  2. I thought the election for the S. Court was later in the year but I guess I was wrong.. Thanks for letting me know about the good news.