Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's Behind Door #1, Bob?

This morning, I was listening to the Clinton Radio Network aka NPR, where the only time they have news about Hillary Clinton is when they have good news about her and the only news they have about Bernie Sanders is bad.  And they were talking about Hillary and Bernie when they had a Clinton mouthpiece on as a guest.
And the guest said the only difference between the 2, Bernie and Hillary, is how long it will take to implement Bernie's/Hillary's plans on ripping off the taxpayer and given all the stolen money to the poor, drug users, illegal immigrants, minorities, children and everybody else under the sun except white people.
Bernie wants it done quickly.
Hillary wants it to happen fairly quickly.
Behind door #1 is a old white guy.
Behind door #2, you have an old white woman
And behind #3 are a bunch of confused democrat voters who are say: "Is this all we have to choose from?"

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