Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sounds Like Sound Advice

From Fox News: Fearing Snapchat could take an ugly turn toward "snap chomp," police are warning people not to take selfies with an alligator in suburban Atlanta.

AJC @ajc Apr 25
Stop taking alligator selfies with ‘Flat Creek Floyd,’ police say
Peachtree City police also advise residents not to feed the 6-foot gator known as "Flat Creek Floyd" as he soaks in the sun on Flat Creek, about 30 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta.
Peachtree City police Lt. Mark Brown tells WSB-TV that the gator's presence has "gone a little crazy" on social media.
Police say that when Floyd was spotted earlier this month, it was the first alligator sighting in the area in five years. Gators are common in parts of south Georgia, but are not usually seen in metro Atlanta.
I remember when I lived in Montana a guy got eaten by a grizzly bear after the ate up fellow took pictures of the said hungry bear.
The last picture of the hamburger looking chap was the bear standing on his rear paws and looked like the bear was growling...or the bear was saying "Darwin award winner, they are tasty and it's time to eat".

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