Thursday, April 28, 2016

Funny Fire Department Names

From Fire Rescue 1:
There are some weird town names in the U.S.
And, unfortunately, some of the strangest named towns have equally as silly fire department names as a result.
In the name of fun, we asked our Facebook fans for some of the most absurd fire department names they've heard of. We had to double check to make sure these actually existed. Turns out, they do.
Here are some of their hilarious responses.
  1. "Intercourse (Pa.) Fire Department." — Vinny Fortunato
  2. "Possum Trot (Ky.) Sharp Fire Department." — Rob Biddle
  3. "S.O.B.F.D. on the trucks for South Old Bridge Fire Department in Old Bridge, N.J." — Michael P. Fay Sr.
  4. "Flippin Fire Department in Flippin, Ark." — Kenneth Scott McNair
  5. "Cheesequake Fire Department in N.J." — Michael P. Fay Sr.
  6. "Cut 'N Shoot Volunteer Fire Department in Conroe, Texas." — Kenny Barlett
  7. "Start Fire Department in Start, La." — Sandy Anders
  8. "Smackover Volunteer Fire Department in Smackover, Ark." — Josh McKay
  9. "Embarrass Fire Department in Wis." — James Bessette
  10. "Chickenbone Fire Department in Bruce, Miss." — Larry Brown
  11. "Truth or Consequences Fire Department in N.M.” — Tim Hoerner
I'm familiar with some of the fire departments.  Who hasn't heard of Intercourse, PA?  And I've driven through Embarrass, WI.
I'm surprised the "Bird in the Hand" Fire Department wasn't mentioned along with the Climax fire departments (apparently, more than 1).
In the comment section, they mention many more.

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