Saturday, April 2, 2016


The Nevada Highway Patrol has found Twitter and now they are posting a picture along with a brief description of a fatal or major accident, with an hour or two after the accident occurred.

(Nevada Highway Patrol/Twitter)
The crash happened around 8:00AM and they posted the picture and story at 8:39, about 40 minutes after it happened.
So, it is possible that NHP put out the picture and perhaps a family member or friend happen to be looking at the NHP Twitter feed and happen to see this photo, well before anyone was notified of the accident.  Then they might have seen that a loved one crashed and died.  Or worse, what if the family member or friend sees a motorcycle or car similar to the crashed car and they believed their loved was the one killed but in reality, they are safe and sound.
Yes, the public have the right to know what is happening, but does the NHP have to be so forthcoming that it cause needless hardship on families or friends of the victim?

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