Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another Natural Disaster In Italy

Italy has experienced another natural disaster where many people have been killed and avalanche in central Italy.  This area has been rocked for the past tear or so with huge earthquakes and they have killed hundreds of people.
From The Local/AFP: Several people have died after a ski hotel was buried by an avalanche in earthquake-hit central Italy, local media reported on Thursday quoting rescue services.
- An avalanche hit a hotel in Abruzzo in the early hours of Thursday morning
- Several deaths are feared, according to Italian media reports citing rescue services
Can you imagine all these earthquakes happening in the U.S.?  Could California handle all these earthquakes that Italy has handled this past year?  I kind of doubt it. While the first responders such as fire police and EMT could probably handle, the local and state governments would not and the citizens would demand everything be fixed right away and lawyers would be involved.
Good luck to the Italians.

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