Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Probably True

From Common Sense Evaluation:
according to industry experts” “industry leaders acknowledge” — displaced former executives
“it’s widely thought” “it’s common knowledge” — constant repetition in the media has folks thinking it is the truth
“experts generally agree that” — some previously unknown college professors
“according to official sources” — two gals from the secretarial pool
“some in Congress say” — a couple of volunteer campaign workers
“internationally it is agreed that” — two East African diplomats told me
“you may not believe this but” — I don’t believe it but, I want you to
“it is believed that” — I think
“it is generally believed that” — a couple of others think so, too
“a new idea going around suggests that” — this is our latest disinformation scam
“it’s being said that” “people are saying” — we planted the seed and now it is spreading
“one observer has said” — a self-absorbed elitist said
“pundits claim” — two self-absorbed elitists said
“insiders say” — a disgruntled employee told me
“business gurus are telling us that” — overheard on the golf course
“according to The New York Times“ — the only paper biased enough to run the story
- See more at: http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com/2017/01/16/understanding-media-spin/#sthash.lw2fT77A.dpuf
While the post was made in jest, there probably more than a little bit of truth in this.

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