Friday, January 6, 2017

Fox News Puts Lives In Danger? Or Fake News?

Today, there was a terrorist attack at the Fort Lauderdale that killed at least 5 people and injured at least 8 people.
Fox News has a person on the phone giving play by play by a guy named John.
John, who supposedly saw the incident.
He says the cops told everyone to not to move.
So, apparently, talking on a cellphone is ok??
And apparently there is another shooter in the airport.
And Fox still had a guy talking on the phone.
By having a guy talking on the phone is very dangerous to that person and those around him.
Unless the guy is a fake.
For a person who witnessed the shooting, he was very calm.
Plus, he was with his family. Instead of being with his family in their time of need, this moron talked with Fox News.
So, Fox News either put people in danger, they were dumped by John or they knowingly put a fake source on the air.

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