Monday, January 30, 2017

Don't Blame Trump

So, the media is up in arms about President Trump's order to restrict people from countries that support terrorists and terrorist groups.
Right after Trump signed the order, the paid goon protesters were doing their thing.
Ambulance chasing lawyers were searching for the closest TV camera.
And the media and liberals members of the media went searching for those who were pretending to be victims.
And the 1 thing all these clowns had in common...their hatred of Trump.
And they never thought of blaming ex-president Obama for Trump's executive order.
Obama allowed so many refugees from almost every country in the world with minimal vetting.
Obama/Clinton wanted to increase the number of refugees.
Obama discriminated against  mideast Christians, when Obama was in charge by basically ignoring their requests for asylum over his term as president.
Obama's Mideast policies have been so horrible that President Trump had to go in and clean up Obamas mess.
A big thank you to Trump fire starting to clean Obama's messes.

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