Monday, January 16, 2017

Who Cares?

So, a bunch of loser Democrats and liberals will be staying away from President Trump's inauguration.
Who cares? They won't be missed and not even noticed. They will never accept Trump as many of us never liked Obama.
Why is this even news?


  1. I've got to ask, Dan, because if I ask any other conservative, I'll just get called a special snowflake cuck or something. . .

    Do you really see this as normal? Is the Trump presidency just like any other, and comparable to Obama winning, and conservatives not liking him? Was the bizarre campaign getting here bizarre for any special reason, do you think?

    I don't see this as normal at all. This isn't George W. Bush winning, or a hypothetical McCain or Romney victory. This feels like an alternate reality to me, like we're stuck in the Matrix or something. It literally makes no sense to me.

    Conservatives have elected a man with no governing experience whatsoever, and no military experience either. He's never applied for a job. He probably doesn't drive a car. I'd be surprised if he could describe an average joe's daily life in anything remotely resembling what we know.

    He's a serial adulterer, has been married three times, with kids by all three. He's got ridiculous hair, and worse makeup. He's thin-skinned, has a terrible vocabulary, a short temper, and is fast-and-loose with facts and/or the truth. He's been a Democrat, a Republican, and neither/either. He's been bankrupt several times, and has stiffed hundreds/thousands of people in various ways. He's irreligious, possibly atheist.

    He has no firm ideals, other than what's good for Trump. He even speaks of himself in the third person. YOU used to go on at length about Obama's narcissism. NOBODY is more narcissistic than Trump.

    I can't square any of this with the rhetoric usually put forth by you and other conservatives. Trump is an anomaly, a very, very strange man. This isn't normal. Not to me.

    So I ask again. Is this normal to you?

  2. Thanks Jamie. Yes it is an anomaly because we have elected a non politician, something we probably have never done in the U.S..
    I supported Trump after my first candidate, Scott Walker, dropped out.
    Trump is not the perfect candidate but he was the only one who could beat Hillary. There is no way any other GOP candidate could have beaten her. And my feeling is that Hillary would have been a horrible horrible president than anyone including Trump.
    Trump isn't perfect and there are things he has said and done I personally disagree with but he has done very good since he was elected. His nominees for cabinet positions have been excellent.
    As far as qualifications, you really want to compare Trump with Obama? Seriously?
    But for the narcissism there is a difference Obama and Trump. Obama doesn't believe he is narcissistic but Trump knows he is and he thrives on it. But the bottom line is that every politician is one.

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  4. Electing a non-diplomatic, non-politician to the top political, diplomatic position in the world is like hiring a person unfamiliar with plumbing to fix a water main break, to my way of thinking. Or someone who didn't go to medical school to do delicate surgery. It literally makes no sense to me.

    Add on top of that that I've despised Trump since the 1980s for reasons having nothing to do with politics, and this is just different to me.

    Let me just tell you, if you don't see it, this isn't just because Hillary lost. This isn't just because "the other guy" won. People are losing their crap because of a normal political event. This is being seen by many (and not just bloggers or lay-people, but by world leaders, economists, intelligence, military) as a potential disaster of epic proportions. This isn't a case of being whiny 'cause we didn't win. I've lost before. This is and will remain DIFFERENT.

    And seriously, you guys called Hillary "Cankles," and Biden "Plugs," and you elect a guy with ABSURD hair and orange makeup like this guy? I still can't quite figure out what that's about!

    1. potential doesn't count.....

      When I was a kid, we were told "anyone can become president". Anyone doesn't equal everyone. Potential does not equal something will happen.

    2. Not really the point, Aviana. What I'm asking is, from your perspective, is Trump to you a perfectly ordinary, rational choice for President? Because up til the time he locked down the nomination, there were PLENTY of Republicans who thought he was a terrible choice, a joke. Now, nearly all are behind him. I'm just asking if you recognize that the reaction of everyone ELSE is to this particular person having won, not because of a political loss.

  5. Sorry, Jamie, Trump is a good choice for president. Obama was a horrible horrible president who is even less qualified to have been president. He has no experience in the real world. Never ran anything and was an ignorant academic and he filled his administration with academics. They didn't know how the real world is like and they shoved their theories down our throats.
    Trump has created thousands and thousands of jobs and he has run companies. Not perfectly granted but he has made him and many others quite rich. Obama? He hurt far more people than he helped.