Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The End Of NASCAR?

So, is NASCAR just committing suicide for the fun of it?
From ESPN: NASCAR has created a new points system to reward drivers for performance throughout a race and throughout the season, no matter if they had won during the regular season or in one of the playoff rounds.
NASCAR unveiled a system Monday night that will divide races into three stages. NASCAR will award points to the top-10 drivers at the end of two designated stages during an event - and to the full field at the end of the race -- and will award bonus points for winning stages, and the overall race, that drivers will carry through NASCAR's playoffs.
"Every sport that I'm aware of makes enhancements almost every year to improve the fan experience," NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O'Donnell said. "The NBA went to a 3-point line -- it didn't change the entire game, it changed the strategy and rewarded players for different moves. The NFL moved the [PAT] back. To me, that's what this is. ... I don't look at this as a drastic change by any means."  http://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/story/_/id/18539884/nascar-changing-points-system-reward-drivers-race
As one of the last NASCAR fans out there, this just could kill NASCAR.
First, France is a liar.  Other sports may change rules..except soccer... and they don't do it every year.  And, for the most part the rule changes are rather small.
Mandatory cautions, points every 1/3 of the race and the possibility that a person who finishes last in the race can get as many points as the 1st or 2nd place driver.
It's like in basketball, if you lead at a quarter, you get points.  If you finish 1st in half time, you get points.  If you finish first in the 3rd quarter, you get points.
But if you lose the 4th quarter, you still can win.
How pathetic is that?

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