Thursday, January 12, 2017

Those Silly Brits

Talk about being a nanny state.
From the Leicester Mercury: Coca-Cola Christmas truck should be banned because it promotes the consumption of unhealthy sugary drinks, particularly to children, health experts have said.
The bright red truck visits Leicester every year as part of its nationwide tour. Over the Christmas period it made a total of 44 stops across the country, including one at Tesco Hamilton, in Leicester.
Five public health directors and members of the Faculty of Public Health, among others, signed a letter saying: "We can celebrate without allowing Coca-Cola to hijack Christmas by bringing false gifts of bad teeth and weight problems to our children."
So, banning a very nicely decorated truck by a company in the Christmas spirit will help with Britain's obesity and dental problems?  Maybe they should look at the British health and dental care problems and from there.

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