Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's Been A Rough 2 Weeks

2 weeks tomorrow, my lovely wife Cathy passed away.
I realize that most people, especially those people older like have gone through the trauma of someone very close to them die but it really hasn't happened to me; until 2 weeks ago.
I will say this, almost everyone I have dealt with, including te deputy sheriff's, the medical examiners, funeral home and others acted with compassion and professionalism.  The exception to these fine people were the fire department dispatchers and the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Dept.  The dispatcher prattled on by asking questions even though I told I am a former EMT and she did not dispatch the fire dept. for a couple of minutes.
The NACFD took over 6 minutes to get to our house even the fire station is about 1 minute away at posted traffic speeds.
While on the scene, they were cold and unsympathetic and they left their garbage behind. We've had to use the fire dept. a few times before and each time the fire dept. has been professional.
But other than that we have received tremendous support from family and friends.
We had Cathy cremated and even though there were some hiccups along the Way, we had a service for her at my Church, St. Michael the Archangel in Kingman.  Despite what the Pope says about cremation, that if a person is cremated, they have  to be buried at a cemetery, preferably a Catholic cemetery, she is at home with us.
So, 2 weeks have gone by
and the hurt is still there but I am ready to start doing more, including writing this blog.
I know Cathy is at peace so her death is a little comforting to know she is out of her pain, pain that has been with for over 25 years of her 43 years on this planet.
Thanks for your support.

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