Thursday, June 8, 2017

And Comey Speakth

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Former FBI director, James Comey went to the mountain and spoke to the gathering crowd.
In a nutshell, Comey said and did the following:
1.  President Trump is not under a criminal investigation.
2.  James Comey arranged leaks to benefit himself.
3.  Comey showed that many in the unprofessional writers pool are liars.
4.  Comey told us that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama did interfere in the 2016 election.
5.  Comey is self centered and enjoys power, much like everyone else who work in the Federal, State and local governments.
6.  The liberals will say Comey proved that President Trump covered up the fake Russia story about their involvement in the 2016.
7.  The conservatives will say that this hearing, President Trump was exonerated in any criminal probe.
8.  The liberals in Congress will try to impeach President Trump.
9.  The liberals will look like fools, which is what liberals specialize in.
10.  President Trump is loving all the attention.

And when former FBI director Comey finished talking, the clouds parted, angels sang and Comey was lifted up to the heavens and his followers will forever speak fondly of him...kind of like what Hillary Clinton's followers believers do.
And in 2 weeks, very few people will remember who James Comey is, thank goodness.


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